DCC Member Spotlight: Understanding the technology enables you to understand how the laws and regulations may apply, notes Sydney Attorney and DCC Member Reuben Bramanathan


-+*“I love talking about Bitcoin,” exclaimed Reuben Bramanathan at the start of our conversation. The tax lawyer, based in Sydney, Australia, caters to small and medium-sized enterprises. He does a lot of work for technology businesses, mainly providing tax planning and advice. He is also well versed in tax transactions and disputes with the revenue… Read more »

DCC Member Spotlight: “Accept Bitcoin” Urges Los Angeles Lawyer and DCC Member


-+*Ashkaan Hassan, founder of Los Angeles boutique law firm Nu|Legal, recently spoke to the Digital Currency Council on why he thinks businesses and professionals like him should accept Bitcoin. Nu|Legal operates differently from most law firms. The firm uses technology to help with research and other routine tasks. “We’re more tech-savvy than most other firms,”… Read more »