BitGive Honors International Women’s Day 2015 with a Big Splash!


-+*There are many leading women who we honor and celebrate today, International Women’s Day 2015.  From leaders around the world, our nonprofit partners, and those in our own Bitcoin community. Most prominent in our minds today are the women and girls who we recently met near Kakamega, Kenya while visiting our bitcoin-funded water well at Shisango Girls… Read more »

Professionals with “Digital Currency” titles trusted more than those with “Bitcoin” or “Cryptocurrency” titles

-+*The Digital Currency Council (DCC) found last week that 41% of Americans trusted job titles using the term “Digital Currency” compared to those using the word “Bitcoin” (15%). “Virtual Currency” did slightly better at 18%, but “Cryptocurrency” also struggled at 15% and “Litecoin” bottomed out at 8%. This survey was conducted via Google Insights polling… Read more »

How Bitcoin Can Help Millions of Women Around the World

Amor Sexton Bitcoin

-+*In recognition of International Women’s Day, Western Union released a report on the role of women in global remittances. According to the report, women currently move 50% of the estimated $582 billion global remittances, and they send a greater percentage of their wages than men. Women are also the largest group of recipients, receiving over… Read more »

Why we need to market Bitcoin to the rest of the world


-+*For those of us that live and breathe Bitcoin, WE GET IT! We understand that we are part of the “next big thing”. We know that we are sitting at the threshold of the next financial and technological revolution.   We are the ones that are living on, reading Coindesk and CoinTelegraph every morning, and… Read more »

Try New Technologies, Starting with Bitcoin

HaeKyung Chung (Coinplug)

-+*International Women’s day, it is. Just another ordinary day, we live. As always, we live through a day as our grandmothers and mothers have, doing our best. In a life as a woman, there are valuable skillsets and knowledge that can help the woman to thrive in her life. Those skillsets and knowledge work as… Read more »

Women in Bitcoin: Empowered to Do it All


-+*For centuries, intelligent women have pondered, debated and even changed the course of history in an attempt to answer the proverbial question, “Can we have it all?” As women, at some point in our lives, we’ve asked or have been asked this question. Some of you may be asking this of yourself right at this… Read more »

Girls, Financial Literacy, and Bitcoin


-+*We have all seen the headlines – girls and women are falling behind in STEM fields. STEM, which is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math, is critical for learning of all kinds, and it can translate later in life to higher salaries and different kinds of job potential.

Common Misconceptions about Bitcoin


-+*With so much information circulating out there, there’s bound to be inaccurate and, sometimes, downright misleading information about Bitcoin as well. Therefore, in recognition of International Women’s Day, I’d like to dedicate this blog post to address some of the common Bitcoin misconceptions that women may have, which is possibly one of the reasons why… Read more »