5 Dumb Things said by Smart People


-+*Contrarian investing, going long when the crowd is shorting, is not a new concept. But given the current environment, where celebrities seem to have more influence than reason and high profile people have a microphone or twitter feed in front of them constantly, I’d like to propose a new investment strategy. Let’s call it “Smart… Read more »

LibraTax White Paper: Introduction to Digital Currencies for Professionals


-+*Below is an excerpt from a white paper published by LibraTax. The full white paper entitled “Introduction to Digital Currencies for Professionals” can be found on the the firm’s website at www.libratax.com. Jake Benson, the founder and CEO of LibraTax, is a member of the DCC. Tax Treatment of Digital Currency Digital currencies are subject to… Read more »

DCC/BBA Bitcoin Market Update


-+*Welcome, everyone, to the first edition of the DCC Weekly Update brought to you by BullBear Analytics! The purpose of these reports will be to recap the price action (technicals) in the bitcoin market over the past week, as well as to provide some insight as to what the implications of such technical moves mean…. Read more »

Did you just sign your privacy away? Probably.

Evander Smart

-+*If you’ve heard of the name Edward Snowden, you’ve probably heard of all the issues with government surveillance and the unconstitutional access to your information. All of your information sent through Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, et al. is owned by them through use of their servers to store it. You probably had to sign away… Read more »