IT careers in the new digital currency economy

-+*Source: One of the most fascinating, and often controversial, technology topics of the past two years has been that of digital currency. Often referred to as altcoin or cryptocurrency, so-called digital currency actually includes nearly two dozen different types of encrypted monetary technologies, the best known of which is probably bitcoin. While tech media headlines… Read more »


-+*Source: “For most of history, Anonymous was a women.” Author Virginia Woolf likely never imagined concepts like Twitter or bitcoin, but that’s exactly whosewords were used to promote Bitcoin Women’s Day last week. Woolf’s famous words anchored a social media campaign last week (March 8) aimed at highlighting exactly what it suggests: bitcoin usage and… Read more »

These 4 groups promise increased stability for Bitcoin in 2015

-+*Source: No one will deny that this has been a rocky year for Bitcoin. And we’re just two months in. From Ross Ulbricht and Charlie Shrem’s convictions to hacks at MyCoin and Bitstamp (and of course the lingering Mt. Gox albatross), 2015 has kicked off with more of a crash than a bang. After the… Read more »

Defining The Digital Currency Professional

-+*Source: As new industries develop, new professions emerge. And when much is at stake and the industry is marked by an asymmetry of information between the layman and those in advisory roles, an organized process for defining and certifying those professionals is required. This process is critical for the success of the industry, as… Read more »

‘The Age of Cryptocurrency’ Recorded on Blockchain

-+*Source: The Age of CryptoCurrency, the recently released book by Wall Street Journal reporter Paul Vigna and senior columnist Michael J Casey, has been permanently recorded on bitcoin’s public ledger, the blockchain. The book is the first by a major publisher with its exposure and interest to have a time-stamped digest recorded in the… Read more »

Educating Advisers About Bitcoin

-+*Source: Many advisers lack the knowledge needed to guide their clients successfully in Bitcoin-related investments Voices is an occasional column that allows wealth managers to address issues of interest to the advisory community. David Berger is the founder and CEO of the Digital Currency Council in New York. Bitcoin is a rapidly emerging asset… Read more »

What Does Bitcoin Mean For Advisors?

-+*Source: Financial Advisor Magazine There’s general agreement that Bitcoin has the potential to disrupt and transform the practices and institutions on which the current financial system is built. Whether you are an enthusiastic advocate or a staunch traditionalist, wealth advisors – especially those with fiduciary responsibilities – have an obligation to get educated on the… Read more »

The implications of bitcoin on small businesses

-+*Source: Welcome to the first installment of The Digital Currency Council’s Thought Leader Series, presented here at Virtual Currency Today. The Manhattan-based association of lawyers, accountants and financial professionals in the virtual-currency economy, the Digital Currency Council provides training, certification and a client-referral platform to its membership, and helps those members get connected to… Read more »

Bitcoin: 4 Factors Holding the Banks at Bay

-+*Source: For a number of reasons, major banks haven’t seized the opportunity to get involved with bitcoin. Banks like to participate in size, compliance has restrictions, and bosses don’t understand it. But these hurdles will be overcome in 2015. While the world took notice of Bitcoin in 2014, the banks — normally jumping out… Read more »

Why There’s Confusion Over Valuing Bitcoin

-+*Source: Bitcoin presents a new type of nontraditional, highly technical, experimental, and global digital instrument to our already complex world. That fact should not conjure fear. It should engender excitement. When I caught wind of Bitcoin as a newly minted MBA in the summer of 2012, I immediately scoffed. At the time, one bitcoin… Read more »