DCC Member Spotlight: “Accept Bitcoin” Urges Los Angeles Lawyer and DCC Member


-+*Ashkaan Hassan, founder of Los Angeles boutique law firm Nu|Legal, recently spoke to the Digital Currency Council on why he thinks businesses and professionals like him should accept Bitcoin. Nu|Legal operates differently from most law firms. The firm uses technology to help with research and other routine tasks. “We’re more tech-savvy than most other firms,”… Read more »

New York’s Proposed Virtual Currency Regulations Would Stifle Innovation And Remittance Access In Developing Economies


-+*The “virtual currency” or “BitLicense” regulations proposed by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) are well into their 45-day comment period. By now, many of the most well-known figures in the digital currency industry have commented both officially and unofficially on the proposed regulations. I have had the opportunity to read and digest… Read more »

Bitcoin Laws and Regulations in The United States: The Use of Bitcoin by Attorneys


-+*Federal Regulators There has been much discussion about virtual currency at the federal level. That talk finally turned into official policies and guidance from the agencies that regulate monetary and financial concerns. The Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau (CFPB) expressed concerns about Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. And as some have predicted, as virtual currency enjoys… Read more »

The Primary Legal and Regulatory Hurdles to Widespread Digital Currency Usage

Richard Lyons

-+*As the awareness and popularity of digital currency advances there are a number of barriers emerging, which in the short term may limit how and where Bitcoin may be used. While the understanding of digital currency is increasing, many of these hurdles relate to public acceptance, perceived security and legal remedies for Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin’s… Read more »