An Interview with Alan Williams of on the primary issue keeping Bitcoin executives up at night


-+*Interview by David Berger, CEO of the Digital Currency Council, with Alan Williams – CEO of Alan’s team at includes management consultants with experience in digital currencies, regulation, compliance and technology. David: Alan, Thank you for your time today. BSA/AML compliance is certainly on a lot of Bitcoin executives’ minds these days. How… Read more »

Potential Pitfalls and Current Trends in Federal Criminal Law

Margaret Cullum

-+*Most everyone probably thinks of the Silk Road case when the words “bitcoin” and “criminal” are uttered in the same sentence. However, legitimate businesses need to consider several important points in order to avoid criminal penalties. First, some businesses may be required to register as a money services business (“MSB”) both at federal and state… Read more »

Is it time for your Legal Practice to get involved with Bitcoin?

Richa Jain

-+*Bitcoin – the most prominent digital currency in use today – is here to stay. The cryptocurrency, which has been around since 2008, has generated a lot of media as well as government interest. Several major investors, well known businessmen, CEO’s of large organizations and heads of governments have publically expressed their support for the… Read more »

The Future of Bitcoin: Laws and Regulations Continue to Develop


-+*Bitcoin and other digital currencies are attracting a wide array of attempts to regulate and define their use in commerce. This is a natural response from governments to a new medium of exchange, which could end up competing with their own legal tender, commodities and other assets as a store of value and alternative method… Read more »

DCC Member Spotlight: Don’t Fake It, Says Bitcoin Lawyer Marco Santori


-+*New York City lawyer Marco Santori has worked with Bitcoin clients for a little over two years. E-commerce, web, financial technology and the evolving digital currency space are all specialties of his, and his business practice focuses on early-stage high-tech companies. Santori chairs the Regulatory Affairs Committee of the Bitcoin Foundation, and he represents exchanges,… Read more »

Digital Currency and Issues in International Financial Transactions

Richard Lyons

-+*There are several areas of concern for any professional that represents clients using Bitcoin for international transactions. The use of Bitcoin for cross border transactions is attractive for many reasons, including instant transfers, low cost and the lack of a need to use intermediary banks. However, there are some issues to consider when using digital… Read more »

DCC Member Spotlight: Understanding the technology enables you to understand how the laws and regulations may apply, notes Sydney Attorney and DCC Member Reuben Bramanathan


-+*“I love talking about Bitcoin,” exclaimed Reuben Bramanathan at the start of our conversation. The tax lawyer, based in Sydney, Australia, caters to small and medium-sized enterprises. He does a lot of work for technology businesses, mainly providing tax planning and advice. He is also well versed in tax transactions and disputes with the revenue… Read more »