DCC/BBA Weekly Update for 12/1/2014


-+*This weekly feature is brought to you by DCC Member Adam Wyatt of BullBear Analytics. Market Commentary (BTC): After a relatively stable long holiday weekend which saw price bounce off of support at 355 $ on the way up to 390 $, bitcoin is now consolidating once again in the 375 to 380 $ area. As… Read more »

DCC/BBA Weekly Bitcoin Market Update


-+*This weekly feature is brought to you by DCC Member Adam Wyatt of BullBear Analytics. Market Commentary (BTC): Following a few weeks of consolidation off of the 453 $ spike high, the bitcoin markets are now getting their sea legs back. 350 $ ended up being the battleground level as bull and bears squared off there… Read more »

DCC Member Spotlight: Financial Advisor and Current CEO of GEM Research Solutions, Jack Tatar, on Investing a Portion of a Retirement Portfolio in Bitcoin

Jack Tatar

-+*Jack Tatar has written four books that are revolutionizing the way people view retirement. But it is another of his books, What’s the Deal With Bitcoins, which captured our attention. This latest book explores why bitcoins are important, who created them, and whether or not they will replace paper money. Tatar describes himself as a… Read more »

Private Bankers eyeing a piece of the Bitcoin economy

Richa Jain

-+*Bitcoin has created waves worldwide since the digital currency was introduced in 2009. Investors backing Bitcoin believe that it has the potential to become a global currency – that could change the way people use and send money everywhere. Instead of the conventional model of banks managing money and its movement, Bitcoin presents a new,… Read more »

The Block Chain’s Next Frontier: Smart Contracts

Richa Jain

-+*There is much, much more to Bitcoin’s underlying protocol – the block chain – than is apparent at first glance. The digital currency could potentially change the way the world operates – and not just by challenging existing financial systems and decentralizing monetary transactions. Bitcoin evolved from the vision of enabling peer-to-peer transactions, without the… Read more »

Is Bitcoin part of your investment advisory practice?

Richa Jain

-+*Bitcoins are a relatively new form of digital currency that may herald a drastic overhaul of the world’s financial ecosystem. It is stored electronically and can be bought and traded online. Because bitcoins are traded solely online, there is a drastic reduction in transaction costs compared to traditional currencies. The encryption and the heavily distributed,… Read more »