Key Impact: Accounting Professionals

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*+-This video covers accounting issues pertaining to Bitcoin and other digital currencies, including: US March 2014 IRS Guidance FBAR and FATCA Compliance Bitcoin accounting for merchants and businesses Auditing digital currency businesses Software tools          

Key Impact: Financial Professionals

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*+-This video broadly covers financial topics pertaining to Bitcoin, including: Potential valuation methods Risks Tools for measuring the health of the ecosystem Gaining exposure to bitcoin as an asset class          

Bitcoin Basics

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*+-This is brief overview of what bitcoin is, how it works, and its primary features and properties. This video covers: The fundamental difference vs traditional online transactions The Blockchain The Bitcoin Protocol The Bitcoin Network Origins of Bitcoin Bitcoin Mining How people acquire bitcoins Storing bitcoin Using bitcoin Properties of Bitcoin      

DCP Journal – Information and Policies Handbook

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*+-The Digital Currency Professional is a trade journal dedicated to the dissemination of high quality professional discourse on digital currencies and blockchain technology. The invention of digital currency has introduced a novel topic into the public awareness, and the technology has implications that spread to all corners of existing industries. Therefore, the journal has a… Read more »

Flavien Charlon shares his insights on his Bitcoin-only prediction market and colored coins

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*+-As part of the Digital Currency Council’s Continuing Education partnership with Inside Bitcoins, the DCC’s Director of Curriculum, Dan McArdle, has had the opportunity to interview the thought leaders that spoke at Inside Bitcoins Berlin on March 5-6. Today, we share insights from Flavien Charlon. Flavien is the founder of Pixode, producer of Predictious, the Bitcoin… Read more »

In One Sentence

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*+-Here you’ll find succinct answers to common questions about Bitcoin and Digital Currencies. Each answer is confined to one-sentence and can stand by itself, though further explanation follows each answer for those looking for more depth.   Q. What is Bitcoin Mining? A. Bitcoin mining is the process by which bitcoin transactions are recorded into… Read more »

Common Misconceptions

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*+-Bitcoin is a complex topic that’s drawn plenty of praise as well as criticism. Here we identify a few of the more common misconceptions and factual errors seen in the discussion.   Myth: Bitcoin is anonymous Bitcoin use is said to be “pseudonymous”, not fully anonymous. Every bitcoin transaction is recorded in a global, public… Read more »