Empowering Afghan Women with Coding and Bitcoin Education


*+-I am pretty sure when you think about Afghanistan, your first thought is not the beautiful Hindu Kush mountain or the wavy Amu River that come to your mind. Instead, it is a war zone with a lot of destruction. As an Afghan refuge born in Iran, I grew up with many ups and downs… Read more »

Bitcoin: A Social, Political, and Economic Game Changer for Women Globally

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*+-What is up with the hype around the Bitcoin currency? Digital money? Instant transfers? For myself, Bitcoin is a social, political and economic Game Changer, specifically for women around the world. My name is Elizabeth Ploshay. I serve on the Bitcoin Foundation Board of Directors and additionally handle non profit outreach for BitPay. I also… Read more »

Regulatory Efforts Pick Up Steam: Bill Introduced In California Legislature

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*+-On February 27, Matt Dababneh of the California state legislature introduced a bill to expand the state’s money transmission laws to include digital currency businesses. This may be the second domino to fall as state regulators nationwide are waking up to the industry’s growing usefulness and participant base.

These 4 groups promise increased stability for Bitcoin in 2015

*+-Source: VentureBeat.com No one will deny that this has been a rocky year for Bitcoin. And we’re just two months in. From Ross Ulbricht and Charlie Shrem’s convictions to hacks at MyCoin and Bitstamp (and of course the lingering Mt. Gox albatross), 2015 has kicked off with more of a crash than a bang. After the… Read more »