Virtual Currency – Is it an Answer to Dispensary Banking Problems?


*+-In the United States, marijuana still carries federal offenses despite being legalized in some states. Given that the traditional banking industry is regulated by the federal government, most banks have been slow to accept (and service) legal dispensary and related business activity, even if individuals or businesses are legitimate under state law and attempt to… Read more »

The Intersection of Bitcoin and Virtual Worlds

Patty Rangel

*+-In 2007 I was introduced to the Second Life virtual world while working at EON Reality Inc., a company that specializes in fully immersive Virtual Reality and 3D Stereoscopic turnkey solutions. One of my clients was a sponsor of the Corporate Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. I was asked to create a custom Virtual… Read more »

Opportunity for All in Bitcoin


*+-In many ways, my path to bitcoin unknowingly started long before bitcoin existed. My early career focused on studying and working in marketing, with ancillary interests in both law and international trade. I decided to attend law school because I saw both small businesses as well as multinational corporations get lost in the quagmire of… Read more »

Russia Celebrates Bitcoin Women’s Day


*+-В этом году #Bitcoin сообщество отмечает Международный женский день впервые. Праздник лозунг 08.03.2015 является #MakeItHappen! Кажется, мы получили отличную возможность рассказать о вкладе женщин в развитие Криптовалюта. После третьего, но навсегда первых, Bitcoin конференции России, мы встретились с Натальей Гавриленко. Москва – Киев – Санкт-Петербург – и Москва вновь. Москва снова, и снова будет что-то… Read more »

Bitcoin Enables Innovative E-Commerce Markets


*+-Integrating Bitcoin is usually not that difficult to do, and for most US based businesses the need isn’t that great. If you’re just selling t-shirts to other Americans, PayPal works quite well. Bitcoin is better, but the biggest selling point at the moment is that accepting Bitcoin will get attention, and likely attract a bit… Read more »

How the Blockchain May Support and Facilitate Community Governance


*+-Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency that operate independently of any government or central bank. But the really interesting thing about Bitcoin is not the currency itself, rather than the underlying technology, the blockchain: a decentralized public ledger that relies on cryptography to ensure that every transaction is valid. As a secure and distributed datastore,… Read more »

Unleashing the power of Bitcoin mobile payments


*+-There is no longer any doubt that widespread smartphone adoption will completely change the distribution game in Latin America. In Mexico’s case, 43% of the population has internet access and 27% have smartphones, which goes to show that, for a large segment of the population, mobile is internet . This gap will only close further… Read more »

Empowering Women in Co-Ops: Finding Financial Freedom and Control in Bitcoin’s Multi-Signature Technology


*+-Several studies show that cooperative organizations empower women in the developing world, especially in farming, textiles and crafts. While the structure of a co-op can bring women together, they often face significant legal and cultural barriers preventing them from exercising independent control of the co-op’s finances. Bitcoin’s multi-signature capability could increase economic inclusion for women,… Read more »

What Lies Ahead for Financial Services?


*+-Almost daily I find myself contemplating how Bitcoin and its underlying technology, the blockchain, will change the financial services industry as we know it. For me, it’s a practical question – I’m a commerce student preparing for a career somewhere in the banking sector, and I need to understand where the future opportunities may be… Read more »