Try New Technologies, Starting with Bitcoin

HaeKyung Chung (Coinplug)

*+-International Women’s day, it is. Just another ordinary day, we live. As always, we live through a day as our grandmothers and mothers have, doing our best. In a life as a woman, there are valuable skillsets and knowledge that can help the woman to thrive in her life. Those skillsets and knowledge work as… Read more »

Women in Bitcoin: Empowered to Do it All


*+-For centuries, intelligent women have pondered, debated and even changed the course of history in an attempt to answer the proverbial question, “Can we have it all?” As women, at some point in our lives, we’ve asked or have been asked this question. Some of you may be asking this of yourself right at this… Read more »

California Virtual Currency Legislation

Elsa Broeker

*+-On February 27, 2015, California Assemblyman Matt Dababneh, chairman of the state’s Banking and Finance Committee, introduced Assembly Bill 1326, which would prohibit a person from engaging in California in the business of “virtual currency” without a license from the California Department of Business Oversight, unless such person otherwise qualifies for one of a limited number… Read more »

Girls, Financial Literacy, and Bitcoin


*+-We have all seen the headlines – girls and women are falling behind in STEM fields. STEM, which is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math, is critical for learning of all kinds, and it can translate later in life to higher salaries and different kinds of job potential.

Common Misconceptions about Bitcoin


*+-With so much information circulating out there, there’s bound to be inaccurate and, sometimes, downright misleading information about Bitcoin as well. Therefore, in recognition of International Women’s Day, I’d like to dedicate this blog post to address some of the common Bitcoin misconceptions that women may have, which is possibly one of the reasons why… Read more »

Are Women Participating in the Digital Currency Revolution?


*+-On March 4th, 2014 the federal government officially acknowledged the importance of digital currencies. Thomas J Curry, head of the US Office of the Comptroller, stated that digital currencies are “potentially revolutionary in their impact, and are advancing at a breakneck pace.” This announcement contrasts against the value of Bitcoin eroding by almost 75% in… Read more »

Here’s the Deal with Bitcoin, Ladies!

Tracy Freese

*+-Here’s the deal, Ladies, it’s time you got your heads out of the sand and figured out what the heck this Bitcoin stuff is all about. From one chick to another, I’m going to keep it real – Bitcoin is the credit card of the future and all you fashionistas out there need to recognize… Read more »

Digital Currency Sparking Entrepreneurship in Africa

Danetha Doe Headshot

*+-Civil unrest, bloody wars, poverty and famine, the continent of Africa has been plagued by devastating tragedies over the last several decades. Combined with political corruption, an unstable financial system, and lack of decent educational and business growth opportunities, its citizens are amongst the poorest in the world. Many living on less than one dollar… Read more »

Creating a Bitcoin Ecosystem that Reduces Human Suffering


*+-If you hold Bitcoin hoping its value will increase, you should consider investing it in human development.  Bitcoin can help lift women out of poverty by eliminating the barriers to control over their economic lives. Bitcoin promises to overcome hurdles associated with traditional banking: high transaction fees, inaccessibility to capital and savings instruments, gender-based restrictions… Read more »

Building a Legal Practice on the Cutting Edge


*+-I was 24 years old when I founded Saper Law Offices.  From the outset, I had one hyper-focused mission:  to build a niche practice representing creative entrepreneurs and innovative business organizations. Considering my age (and probably my gender), in order to attract clients, I established myself as an expert in areas of the law that… Read more »