In One Sentence

*+-Here you’ll find succinct answers to common questions about Bitcoin and Digital Currencies. Each answer is confined to one-sentence and can stand by itself, though further explanation follows each answer for those looking for more depth.   Q. What is Bitcoin Mining? A. Bitcoin mining is the process by which bitcoin transactions are recorded into… Read more »

Common Misconceptions

*+-Bitcoin is a complex topic that’s drawn plenty of praise as well as criticism. Here we identify a few of the more common misconceptions and factual errors seen in the discussion.   Myth: Bitcoin is anonymous Bitcoin use is said to be “pseudonymous”, not fully anonymous. Every bitcoin transaction is recorded in a global, public… Read more »

Bitcoin Charts

*+-Below are several charts tracking the Digital Currency ecosystem. Links to embeddable images (of multiple sizes) are available for each chart. All chart images are free to use and distribute for any purpose.   Chart 1: Number of Merchants Accepting Bitcoin: 2009-2014 This chart shows the number of merchants accepting bitcoin for goods or services…. Read more »

Bitcoin Quotes

*+-Below are quotes from notable public figures. Where possible, the original source of the quotation is cited.   “At our venture firm, we continue to see an escalating stream of fascinating new Bitcoin uses cases and applications from entrepeneurs.” Marc Andreessen, Venture Capitalist, Founder of Netscape, Jan 5, 2015 – Source     “The bitcoin… Read more »

Alt-coins & “Bitcoin 2.0″

*+-The technologies, ideas, companies, and products operating in the so-called “Bitcoin 2.0” space change constantly, and even the term “Bitcoin 2.0” isn’t well-defined. This leads to a lot of confusion. Here we break down some of the different types of technologies into four categories to better understand what they are and aren’t.   1) Traditional… Read more »

How Bitcoin Can Help Millions of Women Around the World

Amor Sexton Bitcoin

*+-In recognition of International Women’s Day, Western Union released a report on the role of women in global remittances. According to the report, women currently move 50% of the estimated $582 billion global remittances, and they send a greater percentage of their wages than men. Women are also the largest group of recipients, receiving over… Read more »

Why we need to market Bitcoin to the rest of the world


*+-For those of us that live and breathe Bitcoin, WE GET IT! We understand that we are part of the “next big thing”. We know that we are sitting at the threshold of the next financial and technological revolution.   We are the ones that are living on, reading Coindesk and CoinTelegraph every morning, and… Read more »