How does the Bitcoin logo make you feel?

*+-The Digital Currency Council (DCC) found last week that American consumers have a wide array of reactions when confronted by the Bitcoin logo.  When asked for one word that conveyed their feelings about the image, more than 9% reported feeling “puzzled” or “confused” by the image, while nearly 7% said they felt “nothing.” About 5%… Read more »

BitGive Honors International Women’s Day 2015 with a Big Splash!


*+-There are many leading women who we honor and celebrate today, International Women’s Day 2015.  From leaders around the world, our nonprofit partners, and those in our own Bitcoin community. Most prominent in our minds today are the women and girls who we recently met near Kakamega, Kenya while visiting our bitcoin-funded water well at Shisango Girls… Read more »

Weekend Reading: ~30 Blogs from Bitcoin Women

*+-A special Sunday post to wrap up Bitcoin Women’s Week… I have thoroughly enjoyed the product of the Digital Currency Council’s week-long focus on women in bitcoin. Mostly because they did more than pay lip service to the need for more active involvement in the industry by women; they actually dedicated their blog and platform… Read more »

Recognizing Women in Bitcoin – The Week in Review from Decentral.TV

*+-Source: Sunday was International Women’s Day, when the Bitcoin community is joined with others around the world to promote awareness of women’s issues by launching its first Bitcoin Women’s Day. Like International Women’s Day, “Bitcoin Women’s Day is not just for women,” says Sarah Boone Martin of the Digital Currency Council. The issues that women… Read more »


*+-Source: For all the ladies out there, Sunday, March 8th is going to be a very special day. For over 100 years, the world has celebrated International Women’s Day, and now the Bitcoin community will celebrate the first annual Bitcoin Women’s Day. This will shine a light on the integration and accomplishments of women within the… Read more »

IT careers in the new digital currency economy

*+-Source: One of the most fascinating, and often controversial, technology topics of the past two years has been that of digital currency. Often referred to as altcoin or cryptocurrency, so-called digital currency actually includes nearly two dozen different types of encrypted monetary technologies, the best known of which is probably bitcoin. While tech media headlines… Read more »


*+-Source: “For most of history, Anonymous was a women.” Author Virginia Woolf likely never imagined concepts like Twitter or bitcoin, but that’s exactly whosewords were used to promote Bitcoin Women’s Day last week. Woolf’s famous words anchored a social media campaign last week (March 8) aimed at highlighting exactly what it suggests: bitcoin usage and… Read more »

Professionals with “Digital Currency” titles trusted more than those with “Bitcoin” or “Cryptocurrency” titles

*+-The Digital Currency Council (DCC) found last week that 41% of Americans trusted job titles using the term “Digital Currency” compared to those using the word “Bitcoin” (15%). “Virtual Currency” did slightly better at 18%, but “Cryptocurrency” also struggled at 15% and “Litecoin” bottomed out at 8%. This survey was conducted via Google Insights polling… Read more »